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AJ Warren Service Company has been an American Standard "Customer Care" dealer for many years. We have installed hundreds of their systems for our customers. American Standard AC and heating equipment has proven to be very dependable. Our customers that have purchased new American Standard systems have been very happy with them. The "Customer Care" program with American Standard provides us with excellent service support. The program allows us to do more for our customers than other brands of equipment. It gives us discounts on financing and extended warranties that we pass on to our customers. The way American Standard stands behind us helps us in providing the very best service to our customers.

American Standard has a full line of quality equipment. They have residential
equipment from 1.5-tons thru 5-tons of capacity. They have commercial systems
from 2-tons to 20-tons. Many of their outdoor units use their exclusive and unique Spine Fin coil technology. They are constructed of thousands of tiny aluminum spines; these innovative coils have a greater surface area, giving them far greater airflow and heat transfer capabilities than standard coils. And because Spine Fin coils don't become clogged with debris or corrode as easily as standard aluminum finned copper coils, they provide unsurpassed efficiency and dependability. American Standard AC and heating systems are the most thoroughly tested on the market. You can rest assured that your investment in your comfort can be depended on for years.

Take a look at American Standard's new communicating 2-stage "Allegiance 20" AC system . It is one of the most efficient systems available. Match it with a variable speed furnace, which qualifies for a $1500 tax credit. Add a high efficiency air cleaner and you will have year round energy savings, while maximizing your comfort and having the cleanest, healthiest air to breathe inside your home.

"The News", a leading Air Conditioning and heating industry trade magazine conducted a survey of AC and heating service company owners. This survey asked the company owners which brand of equipment they felt was the most dependable. American Standard was considered the most dependable.In May of 2001, American Standard was rated the most dependable HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) brand, among 14 leading manufacturers by readers of a national product testing publication. In a survey of 500 furnace installers and over 35,000 consumers, American Standard was one of only two brands named as being more reliable than average by a leading consumer product testing magazine in an article about furnace reliability, in November of 2002. Another survey in February 2005 of about 36,000 consumers, American Standard was rated the most dependable brand among 12 leading manufacturers of gas furnaces, according to a national product testing publication.

AJ Warren Service Company only recommends the highest quality and most dependable products to our customers. We put no manufacturer's names and signage on our trucks. We make manufacturers earn our business every day by their commitment to quality and value. That is why we recommend American Standard products to you.

It is always best to plan ahead. Don't get caught without your comfort system on a hot summer weekend when you need it most. We have several attractive and flexible financing options that can help take the sting out of your purchase, whether you are making a planned investment in your comfort or "You Need It Now!". We are here to help you.

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