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Innovation never felt so good.

A. J. Warren Service Co. has determined that the Lennox Signature Collection AC and heating systems are some of the best on the market. We confidently recommend them to our customers due
to their superior construction and performance.

Lennox XC25 air conditioners and XP25 heat pumps are the Best Systems Available Today. They have efficiencies up to 25 SEER with up to an amazing 16 EER. We offer these systems with 12-Year Parts and Labor Warranties and they qualify for rebates up $1,300.00.

Enhanced with innovative new features, the XC25 and XP25 systems provide ultrahigh-efficiency cooling with variable capacity. Variable capacity from 30% to 100% in 1% increments and exclusive SilentComfort technology provide optimal performance that is quiet and efficient. You will be amazed at how much more comfortable you will be.

In addition, Lennox has some of the best add-on products to optimize your system:

The PureAir air purification system combines a MERV16 media air cleaner (the highest MERV rating possible) with a photohydroionization device (PHI). The PHI technology was originally developed for the International Space Station. It sends special molecules through your AC system into your home. They destroy molds, bacteria, viruses, volatile organic compounds, and household odors. You will love how it improves the air quality in your home!

The iHarmony and Harmony III zone control systems use cutting-edge technology that lets you precisely control the temperature of different rooms in your home. They are the only zone systems that control the outdoor unit's capacity and the indoor blower's output;

we love these control systems.

The iComfort WI-Fl thermostat is the best on the market. You have to use it on the new XC25 and XP25 system. This control can be used on any system. It is so easy to use you do not even have to open the instruction book. And it even looks good!

Call us today to find out more about how A. J. Warren Service Co. and Lennox can make your home an even better place to live!

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