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It's Time For Maintenance

Make sure that your home's comfort system is serviced twice each year. Biannual maintenance is a written requirement
for maintaining the warranty given by all system manufacturers.
AJ Warren Service Company provides exceptional professional maintenance on all comfort systems.

For a special price of $136* per year for one system and a reduced rate for each additional system at the same address, we offer a comprehensive Efficiency and Safety Service Agreement. It includes a 15-Point Spring and a 15-Point Fall service. You will also receive a 15% discount on any service work you may need throughout the year.

Become a Priority Customer. Get an annual Efficiency and Safety Service Agreement
*Without this agreement, each maintenance visit is $82.50 for the first system and $62.00 for each additional system.

15-Point Spring Service

  • Check temperature drop
  • Blow primary and secondary drain lines
  • Treat primary drain pan with algaecide tablets
  • Check evaporator coil
  • Check attic equipment and duct system for obvious air leaks where accessible
  • Check system?s total static pressure (critical test rarely performed by other companies)
  • Check blower assembly
  • Check indoor air filter
  • Check operation of thermostat
  • Check power connection in outdoor unit
  • Check compressor amperage draw
  • Calculate outdoor unit Energy Efficiency Ratio (rarely performed by other companies)
  • Check refrigerant charge and perform leak search if low limited to where accessible
    at no additional charge (Not done by other companies)
  • Wash and wax outdoor unit cabinet
  • Rinse off condenser coil 

15-Point Fall Service

  • Remove and clean burner assembly as neededI
  • Clean burner compartment as neededI
  • Check heat exchangerI
  • Check for gas leaks at furnaceI
  • Check pilot or igniter operationI
  • Check burner ignition
  • Oil inducer motor and blower motor as needed
  • Check blower wheel
  • Clean exterior of cabinet
  • Check safety controls
  • Check flue pipe for proper venting
  • Check attic equipment and duct system for obvious air leaks where accessible
  • Check system for proper cycling
  • Check air filter
  • Check thermostat operation 

Whole House Comfort, Efficiency and Safety Inspection Is Your House Leaking Money?

A. J. Warren Service Company is always looking for ways to serve our customers better.  We routinely research new products and services, keep updated on cutting-edge technology, and refine our technical skills. We have recently learned a lot about a new industry called "Building Science" and are very excited about it and how it can significantly enhance our ability to serve our customers. 

The key premise of "Building Science" is that the many aspects of any building (e.g., building materials, shape and size, type of construction, age) interact with one another and with the environment in which the building is located. These factors work together to determine things such as how efficient the building is to heat and cool, how the house "breathes," whether moisture causes problems, and whether dirt and other harmful substances are being drawn in. So, when making decisions about HVAC systems, all of these factors must be considered as a whole to understand how they impact indoor comfort.  In other words, the building and its components must be treated as a system to achieve the best result.  

Unfortunately, most "High Efficiency" replacement AC and heating systems are connected to leaky, low efficiency air distribution systems.  When this happens, air that you have paid to heat or cool leaks into the attic. The system then draws in dirty, humid, unconditioned air to compensate for the drop in air pressure created by the leaks. This significantly reduces the effectiveness of the system,causing untold wasted dollars and has a major impact on your comfort. In addition, there are major leaks in other areas of most homes that exacerbates this problem. 

Research shows that most systems lose from 25% - 50% of their potential energy efficiency and/or capacity under these circumstances. For example, if you have a three-ton air conditioner that is being compromised by leaks, it may only perform up to the capacity of a two-ton system.  

AJ Warren Service Company has purchased new, high tech testing equipment that allows us to perform a Whole House Comfort, Efficiency and Safety Inspection. This inspection allows us to accurately identify problematic air leaks in your home and to discuss how we can help solve these problems.  Your total investment for this valuable information is $497.00, which is a "break-even" price for us.   

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